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Originally spin-off from highly popular Channel Nine TV show 'Postcards'

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(Users of the Findit Smart Global Network)

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Short break customers can use Places to Eat-Sleep-See-Do
If your business is in these categories you can tap into a multi billion dollar market that is literally driving through your town.

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Silver Smartcard/ Magazine Package

includes: Online 12 months
Magazine 3 months$2,992(Inc GST)

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FindIt Smart Global Product Items List

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Packages Description Duration Ink GST Per Week
Platinum Smartcard / Magazine Digital Smartcard / Print Magazine 12 months / 12 months 4576 88
Gold Smartcard / Magazine Digital Smartcard / Print Magazine 12 months / 6 months 3531 68
Silver Smartcard / Magazine Digital Smartcard / Print Magazine 12 months / 3 months 2992 58
Bronze Smartcard Advantage Digital Smartcard 6 months 1298 50
Bronze Smartcard Maximiser Digital Smartcard 12 months 2178 42
Business Name Maximiser Online Listing 12 months 539 10
Business Name Advantage Online Listing 6 months 319 12
Web Tile Maximiser Online Tile 12 months 539 10
Web Tile Advantage Online Tile 6 months 319 12
Web Banner Maximiser Online Banner 12 months 539 10
Web Banner Advantage Online Banner 6 months 319 12
Silver Smartcard / Magazine Package


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